Paulina Rothman: Coordinator- Golan Community Center

BA, piano and special education teacher; Coordinator of the Golan Community Center at CLICK since 2006; previous employment: teacher in the Givat Hod boarding school with children in distress.
“I’m having a great time working with the elderly population and enjoying every moment I have with Club members”.

Aliza Kaushani: Coordinator- Neve Neeman Community Center

Beit Berl College graduate as a science teacher and educator; 36 years in the Ministry of Education at the Lapid, Kfar Malal and Reut Schools.
Currently working at CLICK as the coordinator of the Neve Ne’eman’s Community Center since 2011
“I work out of love due to my mission and dedication to the Club members”.

Liat Hoffman – Deputy Director of CLICK and Director of the Hod Center

Liat holds a B.A. degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, has extensive experience in managing suppliers and customers in Israel and abroad, operating several interfaces simultaneously, providing service and technical support to the company’s customers, training and implementing software and managing customer relationships in large organizations.