Dr. Linda Mosek: Executive Director

Doctor of Philosophy in Social Entrepreneurship; MA in International Management and Entrepreneurship; BA in Social work and BA in Sociology and Anthropology.
CLICK’S Executive Director since 1998; Student teacher instructor in Social Work at Ariel University since 2013; Past lecturer and Student Supervisor in Social Entrepreneurship –Beith Berl College; Guest Lecturer in Social Entrepreneurship: “ISEMI”- The Israeli Center for Entrepreneurship; Australian Comptroller in Project Renewal, Rishon Le Zion; Social Worker – Department of Social Services, Lod.
‘My life mission is to be a national role model of Social Entrepreneurship in Israel – my motto in life is “the more you do the more you can do!”.

Ronit Strasberg: Coordinator- Netaim Community Center

Graduate of the State seminary for art teachers. Initially worked as a graphic artist and ran a textile studio, then started a Judaica product design business that continues to this day. Since 2010 worked as a professional coach with a variety of ages and populations such as: schools, kindergartens, special needs populations and the third age. Currently manages the Netaim Community Center, with the belief that occupation empowers the members gives them daily satisfaction and joy.

Mazal Sabag: Manager- SAVI Social Business Enterprise

Early childhood teacher; working with elders at CLICK since 1996 as the Coordinator of the “Giora” Community Center and art teacher at the Beith Yakinton Center; since 2012 the Manager of the SAVI Social Business Enterprise.

Yoram Dovrat: Manager- Beith Yakinton Day Center

Senior Social Worker from the Behavioral Sciences and Medical Faculty at the Tel Aviv University in the area of social services management, nursing care and health and certified by the “Katreda” Gerontology Department at the University of Tel Aviv. Current – student teacher instructor in Social Work at the Tel Aviv University since 2013. Past employment- Management role and training at Social Security, Sheba Hospital, Reshet Mishan, Clalit Health Service, and General Manager of “Yachad” NGO a Medical-Nursing Association that fundraised for the elderly in Israel. Since 2010 the manager of the Beith Yakinton Center, operated by CLICK since 1999.

Yael Nachushtan: Coordinator- Giora Community Center

Graduate from the “Schenkar” College specializing in textile design. Giora Community Center Coordinator at CLICK since 2005; Past employment: Jewelry designer; goldsmith and Medical Secretary.
“I work with great love and out of a sense of privilege to provide quality time to the elders in a homely atmosphere”.