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A special social business innovation task group comprising 9 elders from the Neve Neeman Community Center was created at CLICK! The aim of the group was to promote the Community Theater shows directed by Gadi Kaviet that the seniors themselves perform in. The women’s mission was to learn a range of business skills in order to carry out various roles in the area of sales, marketing, advertising, budgeting, pricing etc. The project was supervised by a community social work student from the Ariel University and is managed by the coordinator of the Neve Neeman Community Center.

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For viewing:

Community Theatre Number 1- “Now I’m Free”

A director arrives at a Seniors Club for elderly women (65-80) in order to establish a theatre group. The women originally from Middle Eastern countries (Morocco, Iraq, Yemen and Iran) were forced into marriage at a young age (12-16 years) to older men.  They spent their entire lives suppressed by patriarchal dominant societies and lacked the benefit of an education. The entire process is documented in a film over a five year period that relays the actual process these women underwent during their primary experience with theatre, which allows them for the first time in their life to reveal details about their lives, which expose elements of suffering and injustice.  The film also follows the director’s experience, a man young enough to be their son who comes from an entirely different cultural and social background which creates at first a block in their communication.  It also deals with the empowerment of women, exposing their intimate disappearing world and salutes a group of women who always felt marginal and discover they are capable of achieving more, since now they are free:

For viewing: Now I’m Free

Community Theatre Number 2 – “The Big Tent

The theatre group presents scenes from their Aliya experiences, and family experiences from 50 years ago. This included their first meeting with the establishment in Israel, living in teetering tents, all presented with humor and good fun.

Amongst the performers, Suzy Abisris stands out. She admirably portrays different types of men from different time periods.  “I made Aliya from Morocco in 1956.” explains Suzy “I went to school at Alliance “Vav” and belonged to the drama club.   I feel that today, being part of this theatre group, my youth has returned to me.”

What are the goals of your activity?

“The goals are both to help the elderly themselves and their community”, explains Dr Linda Mosek, a social worker, and director of CLICK.

The director of the theatre group is Gadi Kviatek, who praises his actors. “They love to come to rehearsals, and make an effort to come on time, which is in itself very commendable”.

What is it like to be a director of Golden Age actors?

“Together we create the experiences they want to depict on stage.  Some is improvisation.  There is complete cooperation, and a lot of excitement amongst them.  Their children and grandchildren who come to rehearsals support them a great deal.”

Do you feel anger or frustration when dealing with the troubles this community had to go through?

“I’m sure they faced a lot of difficulties, it wasn’t very pleasant. And I feel this is a way for them to cope with what they went through.  Maybe this will help them accept the past better.  After all more than 50 years have passed!!”

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