CLICK has expanded the SAVI social entrepreneurial vocational center by operating 5 outsource centers in order to provide additional valuable work to elders, thereby improving their financial situation and changing their image from dependent to productive, capable, useful, and a promoter of economic growth in Israel.

The five outsourcing centers, funded by the Dalia and Eli Hurvitz Fund and the Social Security Special Projects Fund are located at CLICK’S community day centers, so that the elderly at those locations have the opportunity to earn extra income and contribute to the SAVI venture as well.
The seniors in the SAVI outlets are involved in a variety of tasks such as sewing, ceramics and packing the craft kits and gifts that are sold commercially to kindergartens, schools, summer camps, businesses, government offices, high-tech companies and the general public.

Referrals via: Mazal Sabag- CEO SAVI- 09-7464054

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