CLICK (Community Leadership and Innovation of Centers for the Elderly) is a pioneering model of social entrepreneurship for the third age in Israel. The organization was founded in 1983 in the city of Hod Hasharon to improve the quality of life of retirees via the development of social, cultural and vocational initiatives.

CLICK’S Vision

To improve social services for senior citizens by implementing innovative Social Entrepreneurial Models for the third age.
CLICK believes that today’s elderly are a potential active resource, awaiting opportunities to become “integral contributors” of our society.

CLICK’S Mission Statement

CLICK aspires to self -sustainability by initiating innovative projects for the third aged population that raises their social and personal image and enables them to continue to live with respect and remain integral contributors to society.

CLICK’S Project.

“SAVI” Social Business Enterprise – An Entrepreneurial Vocation Center that employs elderly in a variety of occupational options in a workshop that creates craft kits and gifts for sale. The enterprise provides dignified employment for the aged and improves their socio-economic situation.
“Hod” Leisure Center – A unique afternoon and evening center for the 60 + age group with at least 10 multi-disciplinary community services operated predominantly by seniors including lectures, workshops, sports, cultural, educational and art activities.
Community Centers – Four community day centers for the independent elderly that fill a tremendous cultural, educational and social gap in the lives of its participants.
Beith Yakinton – Day center for the less independent elders that provides vital services to maintain living in the community such as a nursing service, hairdresser, catered hot meals, washing service, social work counseling, social, cultural and educational activities.
Holocaust Survivors – Holocaust survivors attend a social community center and those with economic hardships are provided with financial support.
Virtual Technology Center – Prevents social isolation among senior homebound who suffer from situational loneliness following a stressful change in life by linking them to a virtual network via an internet conferencing service enabling two-way communication.
Click le Vatik at Home- Integrating volunteers into the homes of housebound seniors, once a week for an hour / hour and a half. The volunteers are involved in various activities such as conversation, crafts, reading a book, newspaper or music.
Elder Lab- a unique accelerator that invests in early innovative start-ups for the third age from intention, start-up to establishment, by providing know how and live access to end users in a non- simulated environment.

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