About Elder Lab:

Elder Lab is a unique incubator operated by CLICK that invests in early innovative start-ups for the third age from intention, start-up to establishment, by providing know how and live access to end users in a non-simulated environment.

Current Need:

Early start-up companies require know how and access to end users to betta test their innovative solutions for the third age, to fine tune their product, to further develop ideas and grow their ventures accordingly.

Current Solution:

Elder Lab will offer a support package for entrepreneurs:
#On site access to end users in a live, non-simulated environment
#Personal mentoring with 20 years of knowledge and skills in third age services
#Expert business, marketing, social, financial, HR consultation
#Access to focus groups to further develop ideas
#Networking with the eco system in this field

Ageing – Market Potential

The challenges brought on by ageing is a vast and growing market
# The world is facing a historic demographic landmark- there will soon be more elderly than young people!
#The number of elders aged 65 or more will be more than the number of children below the age 5.
# The number of elders 65 or more is expected to grow from a projected 524 million in 2010 to approximately 1.5 billion in 2050, and mainly in developing countries.
# Life expectancy is rising while fertility rates are falling, therefore increases in population aging will continue to accelerate (Figure 1, slide 7)

Elder Lab Target Market

Local Israeli start-ups that are challenging social, environmental, health and technological solutions for the third age
Contact Information: Manager Elder Lab Netta Natanson, 09-7414974, [email protected]