Connecting in a CLICK

CLICK’S Virtual Technology Center for the homebound elderly aims to prevent social isolation among senior homebound who suffer from situational loneliness following a stressful change in life. CLICK aims to give them better access to community services by linking them to a virtual network in its 8 day centers. Elderly may be cut off temporarily or permanently from their regular social network for a number of reasons – security related or temporary rehabilitation and movement. The rationale behind this project is that modern technology can help the elderly to remain integrated within the community by bringing the experience to them in their home. The virtual center uses advanced technology via an internet conferencing service, enabling two-way communication that links homebound seniors to at least one of CLICK’S centers. Seniors will therefore be able to participate in the various activities conducted at the centers such as music appreciation, mindfulness, exercise classes, support group, lectures and more. The project is supported by professionals and volunteers in the field of the third age and is unique in that it offers a large number of senior citizens the opportunity to participate in CLICK’S social centers.

Terms & Conditions for using the Virtual Centers