Beith Yakinton is a multidisciplinary community day center for elders who have been approved by the Department of Social Security to receive daily assistance via a caregiver. They are eligible to transfer this benefit and attend the Beith Yakinton Social Community Center according to the hours approved. In addition referrals are accepted via the local Department of Community Services or on a private daily fee basis.

The center is managed by a professional social worker and provides all the services required for independent living such as a washing service, showers, transportation, hot meals, physiotherapy, group and individual counseling, alternative medicine and a large range of social and cultural activities: computer lessons, arts and crafts, exercise classes, mosaic art, cross generational activities, Torah classes, current affairs, day trips, cultural events and more!

The center is situated in an attractive building designed to cater specifically for seniors in the modern and popular “Prachim” neighborhood. Contact Details Beith Yakinton- Sunday-Thursday, 7.00-14.00, 3 Yakinton St. Hod Hasharon 09-7417274, fax: 15397417274,

Beith Yakinton was awarded over consecutive years a Certificate of Merit by the “Beautiful Country Israel Prize” competition that focuses on esthetics, community garden, accessibility and safety, welfare services and quality of life, environment and sustainability.

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