By staying active and engaged at CLICK’S day centers elders have a happier and healthier life and some even earning a modest living! CLICK operates a number of Community Social Centers for the independent elderly in separate distinct geographic locations of the city. These centers fill a tremendous cultural, educational, vocational and social gap in the lives of its participants. Most are reached by organized transport, which prevents many elderly from feeling lonely, abandoned, depressed, displaced and basically cut off from their community.

Click Voice Activities

Click Voice Activities Activities start in Sep. 2017   Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu 17:00-19:00   Meeting with social worker Closed to general public 17:00-19:00      

Netaim Activities

Netaim Community Support Service Activities start in Sep. 2017   Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00-10:30   Weekly Torah Portion 10:00-11:00       10:30-11:00     Diverse lectures 10:30-11:45   11:00-11:30   Folk Dance 11:00-11:30     11:30-12:00         15:30-16:30 Story and Discussion / Nutritionist 15:30-16:30        

Cafe Europe for Holocaust Survivors

‘Cafe Europe” is a social community center jointly operated by CLICK, Lions Lev Ari, Wizo, Eshel, the local Municipality and the Department of Community Services. The center, managed by Yifat Leish Veider, provides lectures, outings and social activities to holocaust survivors and their spouses and operates weekly on Wednesdays from 17.00-19.00 at 6 Reshut St […]


The Hod Enterprise is a Community Center for Seniors that functions as a unique afternoon and evening leisure place for the 60 + age group with at least 10 multi-disciplinary community services for independent elders including lectures, workshops, sports, cultural, educational and art activities.Most of the activities are also run by the 60+ age group […]